Isilia is the largest known continent on the planet Arnai. It streches from the Southern Tropic line, across the equator and up beyond the Northen Tropic line. as such, it experiences a great variation in climates across it’s length and is home to many cultures. Greater Isilia is home to three major cities, Ashir, deep in the forested tropics and the largest trading port in the world, as well as Arandun and the river city of Tiatha.

The continent of Isilia also contains two major islands, Eryre and Inalen, both of which are home to major cities also.

There are three major rivers on Isilia, the Orchid River, Eccurun River, both of which have catchments within the Orchid Mountain Range and the Eosa River.

Isilia is also home to two deserts, the largely uninhabited Perisher Desert and the Kamaraten Desert, through which the Eosa river flows.


Eryre isle is the largest of the islands not making up Greater Isilia. It lies upon the equator of Arnai and thus is largely tropical. It also lies on the edge of the Isilian tectonic plate and is a hotspot for volcanic activity, the largest notable example being Mount Ardor, an active volcano on the north side of the island. It has one major population centre, Tannel.


Inalen is the second largest island not in Greater Isilia, seperated by the Ivera Strait. It has a tropical climate and has one major population centre, Ateria.

Points of Interest

Icelock Plateau

Lying high above the sea, Icelock Plateau is a treacherous, uninhabited tundra. Few people have crossed it and lived, and conditions upon the plateau are harsh. It’s altitude causes it to be under deep snow and ice all year long, and no one has attempted to settle it.

However, upon the south boundry of the plateau lies the Citidel of Rantor, a great construction serving as the northernmost outpost of the Arandun kingdom, protecting the citizens from the dangerous creatures of the plateau, and offering a respite for any traveller willing to brave the harsh conditions.

Icelock Plateau also serves as the main source of ice for the entirety of Isilia, and it is the constant demand for ice that keeps the Citidel manned all year round. Ice is cut from the glaciers of the plateau and boxed, insulated with layers of straw and cloth and shipped south of the other cities.

Perisher Desert

The Perisher Desert, named as such due it’s high mortality rate, is a rainshadow desert created by the Orchid Mountain Range. It Reaches from the mountains to the coastline and is hundreds of kilometers of sand, dunes and few craggy trees.

The Whisperwoods

The Whisperwoods is a thick, tropical rainforest covering the western edge of the continent. It serves as the main source of construction materials for Tiatha, which is located at the southern end of the rainforest.

Solitary Plains

The Solitary Plains cover most of the land south of the Southern Tropic Line. It is a featureless expanse of grassland, rocky outcrops and few trees. At it’s centre, upon the largest hill in the plains lies the Ruins of Naril Castle, an ancient crumbling remnant of a civilization long passed. Once, it served as the hub of the world, but today all that is left is a jumble of stone, walls no larger than five meters in height.

Iridos Gate

The Iridos Gate is a strait of water between the city of Ashir and the island of Eryre.

27 years ago, in a diplomatic agreement between Ashir and [[Tannell], two great lighthouses were built on either side of the strait, one at the peninsula west of Ashir, to be maintained by the state of Ashir, and one on the northern tip of Eryre. So bright are their lights, that the lighthouses can be seen from each other. These two great feats of engineering guide merchant ships from all over the world into the relative calm of Ididos Strait, and from there either into Ashir or Tannal.

Orchid Mountain Range


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