Ashir is the largest city on the continent of Isilia.


Ashir was founded centuries ago, early in the Second Era by Anust Lorkal as a haven for the people of the seas, or as they are known today, Pirates. It was founded on the mouth of the Orchid River which creates the perfect natural harbour. Within a century, the city became one of the largest ports in the world, serving as a hub of commerce and civilization for all three continents.


Ashir is located at the mouth of the Orchid River, and is almost directly on the equator. Because of this, it enjoys a tropical climate and is surrounded by rich floodplains, offering perfect conditions for farming. Much of Ashir is built on the coastal planes around the river mouth, and millenia of river wash has created incredibly fertile soil, giving rise to the dense rainforest surrounding the city.

The city spreads out on both the north and south side of the Orchid River, the south side being the location of the central buisness district, home to many warehouses, docks, piers, temples, the seat of rule for the State of Ashir and thousands of houses.


Due to it’s proximity to the equator, Ashir has a tropical climate. Summers are long and wet, and winters are short and relatively dry. This high rainfall provides clean drinking water for the city, and provides water for the orchards and crops grown in the floodplains nearby. Most farms are not irrigated due to the abundance of rainfall.


Ashir is the most populated city in the known world, and by far the most populated city in Isilia. In the last state-run census, the population of Ashir was counted to be that of 743,538 people.


Ashir, being primary a trading city, is home to members of all races. Humans are by far the most populous in the city, making up 40% of the population, while 37% are elves, 17% dwarves and 6% other minor races.




Ashir, being founded by pirates, is governed not by a monarchy, but by a democratic council. The council of Ashir is made up of 5 members at any one time, each one being elected in a city-wide election every three years. Each member represents an interest of life within the city, being Military, Commerce, Agriculture, Citizenship and Foreign Relations. Any laws must be voted on by at least 4 members of the council, and the word of the council has complete power within Ashir and all it’s surrounding towns and lands.

Under the Military councilman exists the city guard, lead by the Captain of the Guard, which oversees internal city affairs, and the Military who oversees foreign militaristic interests of the city.

The Commerce councilman oversees the economy of Ashir, including the imports and exports and the various craftsman guilds,

The Agriculture councilman represents the interests of the farmers of Ashir within the council and is picked from the owners of the various farms, orchards and fisheries.

The Citizenship councilman represents the interests, wants and needs of the common people, and is picked from the commonfolk. This position is unique in that anyone can run for the position if they have the want.

The Foreign Relations councilman represents the international interests of the city and state of Ashir. Additional to overseeing the affairs of Ashir in other kingdoms and states, the Foreign Relations councilman oversees the international embassies within the city of Ashir.


The primary export of Ashir is it’s tropical fruit, grown in the orchards surrounding the city, and greatly demanded by countries with less than favourable climates. Ashir is also the global leader in ship manufacturing, and most trade, and military ships are created within the shipyards of Ashir before they are sent to the far corners of the globe.

Additionally, Ashir’s location makes it a perfect location for traders passing through to Tiatha, Tannal and Arandun from other continents, as well as providing the main location for inland trading on the continent of Isilia. Due to this, Ashir enjoys a rich tourism industry also, and much of it’s income comes from bars, taverns, theatres and gladiatorial areanas.




Due to Ashir’s weath, much of Ashir’s population is literate, making the percentage of literate adults near 78%, much larger than that of any other city on Arnai. Ashir has numerous schools and universities, and is often quoted to be the centre of knowledge on Isilia.




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